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Workout and Exercise for The 17 Day Diet

Dr. Mike Moreno believes that diet and exercise always goes hand in hand. That exercise is part of the whole system which makes losing weight achievable and maintainable.

The 17 Day Diet comes with 17-minute workouts or “mini moves” that are actually cardiovascular workouts which can be done anywhere and anytime. The workouts focus on the core strength of a person, which is very important in that it is what prevents one from suffering from injuries, back pains, and gives one good posture.

The pace and the intensity for the workouts would be up to the person and the targeted muscles are the abs, the obliques, the leg, and the arm muscles. The obliques or oblique muscles are the largest part of the abdominal muscles which, while crossing diagonally, runs down the body from the bottom of the rib cage to the pelvis area. It is called the core strength muscles because it is the oblique muscle which enables a person to stretch, bend, as well as support the lower back. A well-toned oblique muscle results in a strong back, which in turn results to an improved posture. An improved posture results to a slimmer waist.

One of the mini moves is called the standing crunches. This is done by holding the arms out front, bended at the elbows and hands touching each other. Lift the knees alternately, touching the hands if possible. As a variation, one can twist side to side while lifting the knees up.

Another 17-minute exercise is more like a dance step. Stretch the hands up, with the feet together, move the feet side to side, while twisting the waist, and the arms at the same time.

Any form of exercise that one could squeeze into a busy schedule is acceptable. There are those who prefer to go cycling, or just plain walking. The main idea is that, as Dr. Mike said, exercise is a critical part of the whole thing.


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