The 17 Day Diet – The Popular Diet For Healthy Weight Loss!

Can you lose significant weight on the 17Day Diet plan or is it just another weight loss gimmick?

The 17 Day Diet Breakthrough EditionThe 17 day diet is an ideal weight loss option for all those willing to ‘get and stay’ in shape! Saying this would not be wrong that it is commonly pursued by the ones willing to shed down speedily, for a part or event coming ahead.

The 17 day diet plan is all about ‘cutting’ weight through a healthy approach. Not just cutting, the 17 day diet plan introduced by Dr. Mike Moreno also aids in controlling weight if you follow healthy eating habits.

However it is important to mention that 17 day diet is not just a story of 17 days, but comprises of many parts that users need to follow one by one.

Interestingly, the 17 days diet plan gives you the freedom to un-follow the program the moment you feel like. Well, the diet is amongst the most followed diet plans and is said to be the best and effective of all.

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What is 17 day diet all about?

17 day diet is all about limiting the intake of carbohydrates. Remember, carbohydrates are what play a major role in weight gain. Fast carbohydrates such as includes pasta and bread merely works to add weight for these tend to be high in calories. Apart from this, the diet stresses more importance on the quality of food, rather indulging you in counting calories. Reason for this is very simple!

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Healthy food is mostly, low in calories! Though, how much you supply your body with calories is an important consideration, however, something that’s more important is what you eat!

Healthy weight loss comprises of food rich in healthy nutrients. That is, to get in shape, you need to consume healthy fats, minerals and vitamins so that you can cut weight, without straining your body. Vital nutrients like these further work to improve the health of your skin and hair. This means that the diet is more about, just weight loss.

Interestingly, the diet revolves around foods of all types, and does not just limits your intake on some particular kind. The approach works against dietary boredom, something that may push you far from your weight loss goals. The diet is all about experiencing different, different foods in every stage so that you can keep yourself going and motivated.

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Interestingly, you may find the diet strict, while you start following. However, as you progress, you may find it manageable. Remember, weight loss has a cost! A cost that’s not easy to bear!

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As said, the diet does not just focuses on weight loss, but is also ideal for the ones keen to stick to a healthy weight.

Who can follow the 17 day diet?

The diet can be used by all, serious about ‘transformation’. It is a proven technique that has helped thousands with the concern. Foods it involves are not just healthy, but are also good for your taste buds. It also includes exercises that are easy to manage for almost everyone, even for the ones who do not exercise, generally.

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What is the science behind 17 day diet?

The diet is based on some scientific principles that are proven to work safely. Lets get to know these below:

  1. The diet restricts the intake of calories: While you start to consume in moderation, your body is ‘pushed’ to convert the fat it has stored, into useful energy.

  2. The diet focuses on taking more protein: More protein is highly beneficial in pacing a slow metabolism. Apart from its metabolism boosting powers, protein gives a feeling of fullness for long. By this, you do not feel the need of eating, unnecessarily.

  3. It encourages fibrous vegetables: Vegetables like these tend have fewer calories, which means more of these can be consumed without supplying your body with excessive calories. Indeed, the nutritional value of vegetables is high, thus, taking fibrous vegetables is a good way to supply nutrition to the body, so that the body does not require ‘food’ for this purpose. Besides, fiber holds powers to rev a sluggish metabolism. And last, but not the least, vegetables, particularly fibrous are excellent for your digestive health!

  4. It restricts sugar: Remember, something your body needs the least, in this phase is, sugar. No matter if its natural sugar, you must simply avoid taking it. Sugar raises the production of insulin. Insulin, despite being an imperative hormone disturbs the fat burning process. Thus, if you aim to lose weight your body must produce less insulin. Only by this, it will be able to torch more and more fat, conveniently.

  5. It is a cyclic diet: This means that it is a diet that encompasses several dietary approaches. This is highly beneficial for the dieters to stick to the diet as they do not feel bored of what they have been taking continuously and get a chance to try different foods. So, the longer they follow the diet, the more they will lose weight and thus, stay healthy.

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What does the diet involves?

It has 4 cycles, each of which is supposed to last 17 days.

Phase 1: Accelerate

Proteins FoodThe phase is about eating foods that are enriched with protein, though low in fat and carbohydrates. Followers can eat as much as lean protein they desire. Not just lean protein, however, they can also take non-starchy vegetables in as much amount as they feel.

These sources of protein will give you a feeling of fullness for longer. Not just this, these are also beneficial in cleansing the digestive system.

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To double your weight loss potentials, you are required to follow the ‘2pm carb curfew’.

This simply means that you need to limit the intake of carbohydrates for speedy weight reduction.  Even though, the diet ‘prohibits’ starchy carbohydrates; yet it permits fruits that are low in sugar. Examples include, plums, apple etc.

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Phase 2: Activate

 carbohydrates FoodsThe phase is about switching from the current cycle to a fresh new plan. This would relieve the dieters from the ‘toughness’ of the existing cycle and would ‘confuse’ the metabolism. According to Dr. Mile Moreno, the inventor of this diet, the approach favorably works in the effective burning of fat.

So, you need to take foods rich in fat protein, in the activated diet days for example red meat, sea food etc. Besides, you can also take starchy carbohydrates including beans, brown rice, lentils etc. Gradually, as mentioned earlier, the diet becomes less strict and easy to follow; you are now allowed to take condiments for example salsa, mustard etc.

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However, you need to ensure that these should be low in calories. You can also take ketchup low in sugar. Above all, do not forget to incorporate nutritional vegetables and yes, the 2pm carb curfew!

Phase 3: Achieve

Olive OilOk, now comes Phase 3, which will help you learn, how to take a balanced, healthy diet. Yes, the diet is all about teaching you to consume the right kind of food in the right quantity.

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The phase may be difficult to follow for the ones who cannot compromise on their overeating! But remember, this is what dieting all about!

Testing your patience! So, the phase involves eating some starchy carbohydrates keeping the consumption of protein foods, lower. Then again, all before the clock says 2!

The phase would allow you to take the sources of fats including seeds, nuts, olive oil etc. You can also snack in between in meal, however, snacking has to be in limit! For all those who have been avoiding alcohol can now drink a glass, every day!

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Phase 4: Arrive

boost metabolismThe phase will help you control weight and preventive measures that would save you from regaining. It is more or less similar to the previous phase, however, the phase incorporates three meals that need to be taken two days a week.

These two days would allow you to eat, almost anything you crave to satisfy your taste buds. The entire approach would give the needed push to your metabolism and would continue to confuse your metabolism that is believed to be beneficial for fat cutting.

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Well, if you need to stick to the weight you have managed to reach after such a hardship, all you need to do is follow the last phase, throughout your life! Though, you are given the opportunity to rest any two days, favorably weekend, wherein you can consume all that suits your taste buds!

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17 day Diet Plan Top Customer Reviews
Top Customer Reviews


The 17 Day Diet is based on real food rather than weight loss supplements, Lose Weight Safely & Effectively. If you need to shed pounds fast in a safe, effective, and lasting way, the 17 Day Diet Meal Delivery Program is for you. you should also see Ph375 review in 2018 for burn fat.

Then again, consuming food in limit would help you stick to a healthy weight and stay in shape lifelong. No doubt, it is the key to healthy weight!

Remember, the diet favorably works for all those who drink enough water. Ideally, you need to take 8 long glasses that will help your body stay hydrated. Not just this, water is also proven to pace fat burning for it can help expedite metabolism to a considerable level.

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